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actually sound pitching was the first thing i did as soon as the flash 10 beta came out. now that there were some changes in the sound api i wrote it new from scratch.
the finetuning took a while so that there are no more hickups and noises when changing the pitch fluently as you can [...]

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ripple the shipple

there has been some transformation to the original sphere again. the goal was to maintain the 3d-ish effect of the sphere unlike in the previous flowery example.
just play around a bit with it. for instance, you can change the position of the point the ripples “look at” and of course the position of the light [...]

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lets bend the sphere some more

a logical step was to transform the mathematically described surface of the sphere as you can see on the right. in this example - which i like to call flowery sphere - there is a sum of parameters you can play with. again, you’ll need flash 10!
the elegance of a sphere is that it looks [...]

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pixelbent spheres

basing on some experiments some time ago with pixel bender kernels i was able to render a few spheres with local illumination for one light source based on phong:

ambient illumination (as a substitute for all indirect light bouncing around in the scene)
diffuse illumination (lets parts of the surface pointing to the light source be lighter [...]

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opening sequence

greetings fellow flash(develop)ers!
finally i got myself to posting a first entry on my blok.
not only that its the first post here - it’s also the first content on! i hope you enjoy my little experiments and stuff which will pop up here soon.
ah i should drop some lines to introduce myself to you: currently [...]

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