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IconUtilityPlus - use DisplayObjects as flex icons

recently i needed a way to generate small preview-thumbs and put them on flex' Buttons - as it turned out, it isn't that easy to use dynamic content as icons at all.
after some while i found a nice way to put dynamically loaded images in icons: ben stucki's IconUtility.
i took his class and kicked it [...]

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communicaty arbitrary data via rtfmp (late sources)

here are the sources. just for the sakes of a new blog post..
i wish i had the time to play around with it some more by now - months have passed! :/
remember to get a status account and put your id in the sources - otherwise it won't work. have fun.

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ripple the shipple

there has been some transformation to the original sphere again. the goal was to maintain the 3d-ish effect of the sphere unlike in the previous flowery example.
just play around a bit with it. for instance, you can change the position of the point the ripples "look at" and of course the position of the light [...]

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