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IconUtilityPlus - use DisplayObjects as flex icons

recently i needed a way to generate small preview-thumbs and put them on flex' Buttons - as it turned out, it isn't that easy to use dynamic content as icons at all.
after some while i found a nice way to put dynamically loaded images in icons: ben stucki's IconUtility.
i took his class and kicked it [...]

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communicaty arbitrary data via rtfmp (late sources)

here are the sources. just for the sakes of a new blog post..
i wish i had the time to play around with it some more by now - months have passed! :/
remember to get a status account and put your id in the sources - otherwise it won't work. have fun.

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communicating arbitrary data via rtfmp (pt. 2)

sending custom classes via rtmfp? well, let's try
according to the example of the first part of this article we would now like to pass our receiverFunction() an instance of SomeObject instead of a String.

here's the initial class SomeObject which we'll try to send from one peer to another:



    public class [...]

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communicating arbitrary data via rtfmp (pt. 1)

hi there and a happy new one (can you still say that on january 7th?).
since i am supposed to work on my bachelor thesis it got quiet around here.
but when i read about the new stratus service a few days ago i couldn't wait to get my hands on it. for those who haven't heard [...]

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actually sound pitching was the first thing i did as soon as the flash 10 beta came out. now that there were some changes in the sound api i wrote it new from scratch.
the finetuning took a while so that there are no more hickups and noises when changing the pitch fluently as you can [...]

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ripple the shipple

there has been some transformation to the original sphere again. the goal was to maintain the 3d-ish effect of the sphere unlike in the previous flowery example.
just play around a bit with it. for instance, you can change the position of the point the ripples "look at" and of course the position of the light [...]

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lets bend the sphere some more

a logical step was to transform the mathematically described surface of the sphere as you can see on the right. in this example - which i like to call flowery sphere - there is a sum of parameters you can play with. again, you'll need flash 10!
the elegance of a sphere is that it looks [...]

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pixelbent spheres

basing on some experiments some time ago with pixel bender kernels i was able to render a few spheres with local illumination for one light source based on phong:

ambient illumination (as a substitute for all indirect light bouncing around in the scene)
diffuse illumination (lets parts of the surface pointing to the light source be lighter [...]

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opening sequence

greetings fellow flash(develop)ers!
finally i got myself to posting a first entry on my blok.
not only that its the first post here - it's also the first content on! i hope you enjoy my little experiments and stuff which will pop up here soon.
ah i should drop some lines to introduce myself to you: currently [...]

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